Bridal Magazine Carla (BMC)

The hottest look for Bridal in 2020?

This prior weekend, I went wedding gown shopping with my mom and her best friend/my second mom, G. Our first stop was a lovely, vaguely industrial salon downtown. As our first gown experience was hot and torturous, this was heaven in comparison, comfy couches, bottles of water, a lovely individual consultant, lots of beautiful gown options, etc. I tried on several and found one contender. Sending out a picture to select few wedding party of awesome members, bridesmaid Carla shall henceforth be known as BMC, Bridal Magazine Carla.

Bridal Magazine Carla (BMC) text on Dress #1:

“That really complements you! The shape is sweet and sexy. I love the subtle lacy details, the mix of soft and structured. Pagan goddess flower crown is icing on the cake!”

After a pit-stop for fried pickles and pretzels, the next stop was another salon in a suburb, weirdly located next to a pawn shop, gun store, and grocery store. One stop shopping! Now, that set up doesn’t sound promising, but OH MY GOD, THE DRESSES. THE DRESSES! They were glorious.

Upon sending a picture of my favorite gown at this location to BMC, this was her response:

Bridal Magazine Carla (BMC) text on Dress #2:

“The lace applique detailing on this one stands out a little more and is very artfully and organically placed, bringing concentration to the beaming bride’s face and delicately falling away into the gown much like a willow. The neckline is sweet and sexy again, and additionally this unbelted waistline complements your hourglass shape swimmingly, even elongating your shape, am improvement I think.”

If anything from this adventure, besides the whole most likely find THE Wedding Gown, we have all figured out that Carla has a future in writing for Bride Magazine. I look forward to her future gown and decor ruminations.


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