Veni, Vidi, Vici Vendors and Venders

I came. I saw, I conquered…especially the open bar and cheese plates at a venue open house.

Vender Pastry upon seeing the above sign, “The attention to detail certainly inspires confidence…”

Venders? But, shouldn’t it be vendors?

Well, turns out…

Vendor: 1585-1595; from Anglo-French from Latin venditor.

Vender: 1590-1600; vend+er the word “vend” originating from Latin vendere.


1. A person who sells something.

The New Yorker weirdly uses the -er version in their always bizarre house style. “Vender” has been used only 17 times outside of The New Yorker according to the Corpus of Contemporary American English. Meanwhile, “vendor” has been used over 2,000 times. However, though the -or spelling is more common in American English, technically they are both correct.

So, this venue is perhaps full of New Yorker enthusiasts, Italian speakers, or just questionable spellers. Being as I think the family owners ARE from New York AND are Italian, I’m going to bet it’s all three. But, really mostly the latter dubious spellers issue.


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