Terrible Design: All the Pretty Colors

It did occur to me that I could possibly actually make something nice for said nuptial shindig instead of a cucumber with googly eyes and naked mole rats in fancy hats. That said, I much prefer planning oddly themed weddings for other people. When I was semi-helping a friend with her comic-themed wedding last summer, I made a bunch of pin boards for fun on themes such as “Clown Wedding,” “Game of Thrones Red Wedding,” “Swamp Wedding,” and “Voodoo Priestess Wedding.” I am SUPER helpful, I know. That said, a snarky opera singer/event planner/researcher is a good thing to have about a wedding as I can help pin your bustle, lace your corset, intimidate various vendors, perfect an event timeline, and do it all with a loud song and dance.

So, here are some completely random color palettes for a themed wedding we are NOT going to have, accompanied with bad jokes.

What’s a superhero’s favorite part of the joke?


The punchline.

Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Voodoo Who?


Voodoo you think I am?

Why was the swamp monster late to his wedding?


He got bogged down in traffic.

Now, here is the shockingly normal look we are actually envisioning. Bright colors, succulents, pheasant feathers, NO MASON JARS BECAUSE THAT IS PLAYED OUT EVERYONE, a bit of gold, maybe a few giant blooming purple artichokes, colorful paper pin wheel backdrops, etc. This whole shebang will likely change once we book a venue, but hey, a girl can dream and color select to her little heart’s content.


Now a random pie joke, because we are definitely having wedding pie instead of cake.

Why did the pie go to the dentist?

To get its filling.


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