A to Z in Animal Wedding Cake Toppers

A is for Alligator, swamp monsters of love.

B is for Badger, apparently hailing from Scotland.

C is for Cuttlefish, known for their snappy head wear.

D is for Dodo. May your love not go extinct as quickly.

E is for Eagle. Black tie required, baldy.

Note: No emu or earwig options, sadly.

F is for Ferret,  European polecats hand blown in glass.

G is for Goat, wide-eyed herbivores of romance.

H is for Hammerhead shark, the Bob Villa of the seas.

I is for Insect, because choosing just one love bug is hard.

J is for Jellyfish. Love stings, yeah yeah.

K is for Killer Whale. Love is better outside of captivity, too.

L is for Lobster. Love is also better with butter.

M is for Manatee. Everyone will look a bit like a sea cow after enough time.

N is for Narwhal, armed for sparing for life.

O is for Octopus, sixteen hands for groping each other.

P is for Platypus. Show their love some respect, or he’ll come for you with his poisonous spurs.

Q is for Quail. The males are apparently slightly judgmental about your choice in veil.

R is for Rat. Chocolate sprinkles on the cake may be a poor choice.

S is for Scorpion. (“Who would want a scorpion?” Pastry, “Biker gangs.”)

T is for Tapir. I hear on good authority they love Brazilian Carnivale.

U is for Urchin to continue the theme of crunchy sealife on tops of cakes.

V is for Vampire Bat. No blood tests required here for marriage.

W is for Walrus. Dapper and high end.

X is for…

Y is for Yorkshire Terrier. Small and yappy deserves love, too.

Z is for Zebra. Show your true stripes and find your true love.

Note: No Naked Mole Rat wedding toppers! I am disappointed! Is this not the face of romance and love? Wouldn’t any couple want two of these suckers, one in a top hat and the other in a sensible short veil, for the top of their cake?


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